Why Choose Us

Unbeatable resilience

We ensure best in the world with our top tier Data Cents and Our Data centers never had a power failure. We will ensure 99.9990/o network uptime with excellent power, cooling and network redundancies that always remains our data cenetrs are stable and up-to-date.

The complete colocation suite

We offer a wide range of shared colocation options that can help you meet your data center needs. From simple shared arrays to more complex featuring multiple racks and data stores, we have something for everyone.

High Performance Computing Racks

Our Gatwick data centre is the perfect place to work and play with our high-density racks that are totally HPC-ready. We can move your data around quickly and easily, and our immersion cooling system can hold up to 200 kW of heat dispersion.

Top Notch Security

We are experts in security and have built it from the ground up to be as effective and as affordable as possible. With our team of experts you can count on us to provide the best security possible for your business.

For Our Data Centers and Service offering